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Here are some real testimonials:

 “LT Organics Pure Argan Oil is the best ever! I have been using it for about 2 months and have had great results. It arrived quickly. It was better than I expected. It came with a spray bottle. That sprayer has saved me from over using it. The oil has a faint sent that disappears within a minute and it doesn’t leave any sticky residue. What is great about this is I am seeing great results from using it. I have tried it on different parts of my body and it works. My skin looks great, it is no longer dry and itchy. My nails are not breaking anymore, and the fine lines on my face are disappearing. Thank you, LT Organics for such a wonderful product!” - Jan

I received it quickly. When it arrived I had a few questions about using the argan oil. I emailed them and they responded within hours. They were very polite and informative. They followed up with a phone call to make sure I didn’t have any more questions. I love their customer service. The argan oil is very nice. My skin looks beautiful. I will definitely buy their argan oil again.” - Lisa

My girlfriend told me to use argan oil after I shave to stop razor burn. Since I started using it, my face doesn’t burn after shaving. Great product, will use again.” - Ben

I bought this argan oil because a friend recommended it. My legs get really ashy. The oil has helped take away the itch and ashy look. I have started to use it on my face, too. My skin looks smooth and beautiful. I will continue to use LT Organics argan oil” - Mrs. Jones

My face was breaking out all the time. I read on the internet that you can use argan oil to stop acne. I emailed LT Organics to find out what ingredients are in their argan oil. They responded very quickly and told me that their argan oil does not have any additives or fragrances or preservatives. So, I bought it. I have been using it on my face ever since. I have noticed less breakouts, except a few pimples when “my friend” visits. It also has healed some of the acne scars.” - Anita

 “Love your customer service. I am so impressed with your argan oil and customer service.  I really like how you communicate with your customers.  You are very open to answering my questions and always respond respectfully.  I have purchased your Pure Argan Oil several times and I love it.  My skin and hair look incredible.  Thank you for caring so much about your product and us.

 “I can't believe how wonderful the hand cream is. I have really dry hands that crack and peel.  Within a few days I started seeing a huge difference.  Now after a month my hands are beautiful and young looking.  And it smells beautiful.  I have am so happy, I am giving this to my friends and family for gifts. - Judith

 “I am pretty scepticle about ordering products from different companies. I only ordered from you because of your guarantee.  I am glad I did.  I purchased the shampoo and conditioner.  After a couple weeks, my hair is much more manageable and I don't have any frizz!  I just placed an order for your other products and can't wait to try them! - Janet



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