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Dry skin and how argan oil helps with dry skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Skin care is vital to ensure that harmful sun rays and pollution do not damage your skin. Is dry skin a matter of concern to you? Many factors such as harsh weather and the products that you use on your skin cause the dryness. Do you know that it is possible to replenish your skin and get back that glow? Here are a few adjustments that you need to make on your daily routine that will help you to revitalize your dry skin and get that smooth and supple skin that you desire.

1. Limit yourself to 5-10 minute shower. Use warm water because hot water strips oils from the skin faster that warm water. Long showers and baths dry out the skin.

2. Ensure that you use shower gel with moisturizer and gentle cleansers.

3. Do not dry out the skin completely after shower. Moisturize the skin while it is still moist to ensure that you lock in the moisture.


What to look for in the products that you use on your skin.

- To get a good and rich moisturizer, you do not need to pay a fortune for them. Just read the label. The ingredients contained in the product are all that matter to heal your dry skin.

- Ensure that the products that you use contain argan oil as an ingredient.

- Argan oil is the oil that is extracted from argan tree found in Morocco.

- Argan oil is known for its hydrating and healing properties, and it is the remedy for your dry skin.

- Argan oil will not clog your pores, it can treat split ends and it helps to minimize fine lines of dry skin

- Argan oil also contains anti-aging properties and it prevents stretch marks. 

- The oelic aid contained in argan oil promotes healthy levels of sebum production which will heal mild acne on your skin.

- Argan oil also contains linoleic acid which prevents excess skin cells and will promote a healthy skin turnover.

- Argan oil contains vitamin E which is a moisturizer and tocopherols which are antioxidants. 


Where can you get these products?

You will get natural products with argan oil that are tested and proven to heal dry skin at LT organics. These products include:

· Triple Virgin Organic Argan Oil- which is perfect for dry scalp, nails, dry skin and also face. This product is available at affordable price on Amazon.

· Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter- Which will give relief to your dry skin and give you a velvet-smooth skin and it smells yummy. Its price is affordable, from LT Organics.

· Nourishing Hand Cream- which is specially formulated to absorb quickly on your skin and it protects against dryness. It is also available at a LT Organics at an affordable price.



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