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7 Tips to Soothe Your Dry, Itchy Skin

Home is believed to be a place to relax and forget all the day’s hustle but it could be exposing you to other risks, things that makes your skin dry and itchy. The list of household skin irritants is endless, from air fresheners, cleaning products, laundry detergents and floor polishes, naming just a few. These products strips moisture and oil off the skin leading to dryness and itchiness. It is one thing to have a dry skin but to have a persistent itchiness can be quite annoying and make the dry skin condition even more problematic. In some affected people, the dry skin can progress to serious skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema. With the following tips, you can make your home environment more soothing to the skin.

1. Put on gloves

The secret to maintaining a youthful skin appearance is taking care of your hands from the harsh household dish detergents and cleaners. These products have harsh chemicals that irritates the skin. Therefore, always put on gloves every time you are scrubbing.

2. Take a shower after swimming

The chlorine added to pools is a major cause of dry and itchy skin. The best way to salvage your skin is taking a shower with chemical free water.

Rinse off the chlorine with water and soap then moisturize to help the skin more efficiently and prevent dryness.

3. Use Fish and Flaxseed Oil

You probably did not know that fish and flaxseed oils can help to keep your skin hydrated but they do. This is because they contain essential fatty acids (EFAs) that protects the skin from the damaging effects in the environment.

4. Apply petroleum jelly

People with sensitive skin are easily ravaged by household skin irritants. Petroleum jelly is one of the best treatment for dry skin. This is because it contains only one ingredient and it is very gentle to the skin hence recommended as a soother for any body part including hands, feet and lips. Also it is safe to use and affordable- you can apply it as often as you need to.

5. Oats

If you skin is dry, rough and itchy, you can use oats to ease the itchiness and restore healthy skin. This is because oats contains a chemical known as avenanthramides that helps to fight redness and inflammation of the akin.


· Using a food processor, grind oats into a fine powder.

· Wet the affected skin area, scoop the powder with your fingers and rub it on the area for about 30 seconds then rise it away.

Do this at least twice a week for optimal results.

6. Get rid of mites

Most homes are infested by these small yet very annoying animals. Exposure to mites irritates the skin and promotes inflammation.

To prevent mite related skin problems, vacuum the carpet and floors as well as clean your beddings regularly.

7. Use Skin care products

There are a number of skin care products in the market that can help restore a healthy skin. However, not all skin care products are equal but the following by LT organics are some of the most effective in repairing a dry and itchy skin.

· Triple Virgin Organic Argan Oil

· Nourishing Hand Cream

· Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter

They will correct both your lack of water and essential oils in the skin making it smooth, supple and moist.





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