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How to Choose the Best Argan Oil for the Hair?

What is the Best Argan Oil for Your Hair?

No matter how advanced science and cosmetic technology is, some things never change. Most women prefer natural products over chemical agents any day and that’s probably the only reason why the demand for products like Argan oil has surged in the last couple of years. People constantly look for best Argan oil for hair and skin to deal with common issues.

Also known as ‘liquid gold’, Argan is a well-known Moroccan tree that yields one of the most hydrating and moisturizing oils in the world. As a matter of fact, Argan oil has been hailed for its high Vitamin E levels, which are more than coconut and almond oil.

Lesser Known Facts


Often people ask what does Argan oil do for the hair or skin? And experts point towards its composition and high antioxidant levels. However, there are a lot of things about this wonderful oil that you should know before using it as a panacea for beauty problems.

  • Argan oil is edible and is commonly used to make local delicacies in Morocco. Many people do not know that it is also associated with immune system support internally.
  • In ancient times, Moroccan natives use to extract oil from the nut with the help of goats.
  • This oil has a nutty, rich taste that works best with salad, soups and other dishes.
  • Regular consumption of Argan oil helps with cardiovascular health. It relieves blood pressure and supports fight against the bad cholesterol.
  • This oil is loaded with Vitamin A and E that not only offer moisturizing benefits but also act as antioxidants. Regular application of this oil fights the signs of ageing on skin.
  • Argan oil can be used for the hair, skin, lips, nails, acne, pimples, wounds, scalp and in a number of other ways it helps fight aging.

The Argan Oil For Hair Benefits

The human hair structure is complex and with depleting nutrition and exposure to toxins, dry and damaged hair is a common problem for women across the world. According to various studies, three in every five women complain of dryness issues and that’s where something like Argan oil can help.

In fact, if you can get your hands on the best Argan oil for hair, it should deal with common dryness in less than a week. Although many shampoos and conditioners come with Argan extracts, it is better to take raw virgin oil and use it with an argan oil shampoo and conditioner for better results.

Argan oil basically works with its powerful hydrating agents that travel deep into the follicles and provide the needed moisture from inside the hair structure. As a matter of fact, with regular use this oil also repairs the environmental damage caused by constant sun and pollution abuse.

Moreover, the antioxidant content front Vitamin A and E along with trocopherol helps make hair shine with life. Argan oil has also been associated with improvements in common frizz and multiple end problems. Simply apply raw oil to the ends with fingers for best results.

Source Best Raw Argan Oil

Once you understand what Argan oil does for hair and skin, it is certain that you would like to get the purest form of the extract as soon as possible. There are in fact many local suppliers offering the oil, but often customers complain about how their oil was mixed with almond and coconut oil or worse - water.
Undeniably, nothing can replace the raw benefits of this oil and that’s where it becomes so important to source the right product. Following points will help you understand it better and order something that will provide absolute results.

• Does the oil come from organic origins?

Let’s face it Argan oil is not readily available in every part of the world. Many importers have to source it from reliable suppliers, which not only increase the cost but also add logistic time. In such a scenario organic benefits are lost somewhere. It is important to check if the product is from organic origin to yield the maximum benefits. Cosmetic experts suggest that you get the product from LT Organics or similar websites that can offer organic based products at any time of the year.

• Is it raw and virgin?

In the ancient times, Moroccans used goats to crush the nuts and take oil out of the kernel. Today the technology has changed but it’s still complex to get pure Argan oil untouched by hand or environmental pollution. Pure raw and virgin Argan oil is special because ensures the quality of the product and the fact that it will provide benefits for sure. USDA and Eco certifications are some of the other things that you would definitely like to check out in the oil before a purchase is finalized. Make sure that it’s 100% earthy nutty oil from Moroccan trees derived by organic measures.

• How much does it cost?

It’s no secret that the best Argan oil for hair does not come cheap. The extraction process is long and at times importing costs are high. So, if someone is offering pure Argan oil at unbelievable prices, it’s mostly likely a sham and would not yield any benefits at all. A high quality bottle of around 100 grams of this pure oil should cost anything from $20 to $70 depending on seller’s profit. Fortunately for you, at LT Organics you can get it for half the original price.

• How to use it?

Raw Argan oil is easy to use and the bottle lasts longer due to its high moisturizing content. This oil can be mixed with shampoos and conditioners for better hair or you can also apply the oil directly to hair strands as a leave-in conditioner.

Furthermore the best Argan oil for hair is also suitable for other body parts including face, neck and hands. A few drops on wrinkled face can make skin pump and improve blood flow with regular use. It is also effective against dark skin patches. Cosmetic experts also recommend it for cracked, chapped lips, acne, and pimples.

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