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Argan Oil and Shea Butter Hand Cream Revitalizes Your Skin

If you’re dealing with sun burns or you have really dry skin then you might have gone through several skin moisturizing creams. The main problem with such products is that they can be dangerous to your skin and those that do work can be incredibly expensive. However, there is one amazing skin product that does wonders to your skin: shea butter hand cream.

What is a Shea Butter Hand Cream?

This is a revolutionary new hand cream that has just recently penetrated the market. You may not have heard about it yet because it is still so new in some cosmetic circles but there are already many scientific findings regarding its benefits to the skin. For the longest time it was mostly used as an anti-aging cream and only now did medical experts discover its other skin care benefits.

Where Does It Come From?

Shea butter is a fat extract from the Shea tree. It was commonly produced in the African nation of Mali before it started to gain popularity worldwide. In its home of origin, this butter was used for all sorts of purposes such as rubbing it on the skin for sun protection, wound treatment, and to promote healthier scalps. To this day many of these benefits ring true and that is why it is so popular in the cosmetics industry.

Shea Butter Helps Get Rid of Wrinkles

Worried that you’re looking older each time you look in the mirror? With this kind of skin cream you don’t have to fear your own reflection any longer because the Shea Butter cream is perfect for wiping away skin wrinkles, especially on your face and the tired crevices on your hands.

Soon you’ll have flawless hands, arms, and legs that look twenty years younger due to the healing properties of this cream.

A Favorite of Celebrities

Believe it or not but a lot of celebrities use shea butter hand cream. You’ll be surprised to find out that actresses like Emma Watson, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, and Penelope Cruz all use this hand cream to keep their skin naturally looking young and healthy. It’s no wonder they always have such perfect looking skin!

It Heals Your Skin Naturally

Other creams try to cover the damages brought by aging (such as wrinkles) or from scarring and minor wounds but Shea Butter focuses entirely on healing the skin to bring it back to tip-top shape.

The best way to have glowing, younger-looking skin is to have healthy skin and that’s what Shea Butter hand cream delivers. This is only possible because of its rich content of Vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and plant sterols such as linolenic, palmitic, oleic, and stearic acids.

It Protects Your Skin from the Sun

In Africa, where the butter comes from, it is their tradition to apply shea butter on the skin to block the heat of the sun. It functions as a natural sun block and when medical experts gave it a look in the lab they found out that it does indeed hold the capability to ward of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Simply applying this to your skin before you leave your home can keep you safe from UV damage and sunburns.

It’s a Natural Collagen

Collagen is a natural protein in the body and healthy supply of it keeps your skin young and fresh. As people age, it gets dry and they need an external supply of collagen to keep the skin revitalized. With shea butter you can get that natural supply of collagen without having to undergo collagen injections or any other expensive procedure.

Improve Stretch Marks

Having a baby is a wondrous thing but having stretch marks is not. Stretch marks happen when the skin is stretched too fast and too wide, and the cells don’t have enough time to properly repair the damage. Luckily, shea butter is rich in collagen and skin healing compounds that can erase stretch marks when applied to the same area repeatedly over a period of time.

Shea Butter is a Home Remedy for Skin Irritations

If you’ve got acne, skin rashes, or other mild skin irritations you’ll discover it is pretty hard to find the right kind of skin cream that can kill the bacteria or fungi causing the problem while also ensuring your skin will look nice and healthy afterwards. Shea butter is the perfect solution because it has treating properties that helps with acne and other forms of irritations. This is especially useful for sensitive hands!

Is Shea Butter Safe?

This will depend on the shea butter hand cream product you buy. Some might have artificial chemicals such as additives and preservatives that prolong its shelf life but also makes it risky for your health. Other chemicals just negate the benefits of shea butter altogether so always make sure you only purchase a product that is guaranteed to have 100% natural ingredients in it. LT Organics sells high quality pure shea butter hand cream and you can purchase the cream from this website to ensure safety and quality of the product you are using.

It’s Not Just All Shea Butter

Shea butter hand creams are made of shea butter of course but there are a few other ingredients added to it. These are always essential oils and other natural ingredients so you know you don’t have to worry about side effects from artificial chemicals.

Why Not Just Get Real Shea Butter Soap or Cream?

Why buy a commercialized hand cream when there is a real shea tree to get the extract from? Unfortunately, the tree does not grow in most countries, including the United States so making your own hand cream is not likely to be possible. Another obstacle is the concentration; commercial products have a higher concentration of the shea extract, making them potentially more efficient and safer to use.

Revitalize Your Skin Today

So why wait? You don’t have to suffer with dry and dull skin, hands riddled with wrinkles, or stretch marks preventing you from showing off at the beach. With shea butter hand cream you can kiss all of those problems goodbye and say hello to a younger, healthier looking you!

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