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The Mysterious Facts and Important Uses of Argania Spinosa

Argania is a flowering plant genus in which Argania spinosa otherwise called argana or argan belongs to. This tree is found in the calcareous Sous valley, a semi-desert environment in southwestern Morocco and Tindouf Algeria. The tree itself, grows to about 35 feet and has a gnarled thorny trunk (thus, spinosa). It bears a fruit with a thick and bitter peel. Within it is the sweet-smelling yet unpleasantly flavored pulp that houses two or three oil-rich seeds.

The seeds make up 25% of the weight of the entire fruit, and are packed with fatty acids. The oil extracted from them and yields between 30 to 55%, depending on the method of extraction.

The fatty acids within make it perfect for moisturizing purposes, as it contains 42.8% oleic acid, 36.8% linoleic acid, 12% palmitic acid, 6% stearic acid and roughly 0.5% linolenic acid.

Argan oil is often coined as liquid gold. This organic product is beneficial for the hair and skin. Please note that it can also ingested. In the past, argan oil was hard to attain, as it is sourced from far off locations, so only the rich could use this product. However, in the lands where this tree grows, women and men have used it for centuries to protect their skin and hair from harsh elements.

Here are some important argan oil uses.

Dry Skin Emollient

People with dry, itchy and flaky skin have to use products that soothe their discomfort and get rid of the redness. Argan oil can do all that for you. So if you have psoriasis, eczema or a naturally dry skin, you need to use argan oil on the affected areas or all over your body.

Once you step out of the shower, pat yourself dry for just a few seconds and apply LT Organics 100% Pure Argan Oil generously all over your body in gently circular movements. The fatty acids and vitamin E in argan oil will help repress the itch, shorten healing time and encourage faster cell turnover.

All Over Moisturizer

Argan oil is proven to make skin softer, hydrated and luminous with health. Due to its high fatty acid and vitamin E content, it is the best product to use, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. Since it is made of fatty acids, you would think that it would leave a greasy sheen. However, argan oil absorbs quite easily, making it great as a moisturizer.

To help it become absorbed even faster, it would be best if you applied it with gentle circular motions. This will make it easier for the fatty acids to penetrate your pores.

Hair Conditioner And Styling Agent

Argan oil has been used in the Middle East and parts of Europe for centuries to make hair, soft, silky and shiny. It treats frizzy and damaged hair, bringing back the luster and shine. However, people who would like to maintain their soft and manageable hair can use this product as well. This is a great treatment for people who love to go to the beach and for those whose hair are constantly exposed to the elements.

Try LT Organics 100% Pure Argan Oil on your hair for instantly lustrous locks. It instantaneously gives you more volume without the greasy feel, as it absorbs quickly, leaving you with unbelievable shine and body. It spreads easily, so all you need are a few drops.


You can massage it onto your hair before or after blow-drying. People with damaged hair would benefit best by putting in a generous amount of it before they use a blow-dryer or straightening iron, as it will help protect hair from thermal damage.

Anti Stretch Mark

If you have recently lost weight or are pregnant, stretch marks can be an aesthetic problem. Stretch marks are areas of skin that have lost their elasticity due to rapidly gaining or loosing weight. In pregnancy, they start out as red, dry and itchy areas, which you might be tempted to scratch. Put argan oil on the area instead. It will soothe the discomfort and keep the skin moisturized to prevent the development of stretch marks.



Your skin needs a boost of hydration to stay in good shape. Fatty acids help boost elasticity and improve firmness. By using this product under your make up and massaging some on your face and neck at night, you can help your skin fight off aging with its antioxidant effect. You get to enjoy skin that improves daily. This is ideal for people who want to prevent or treat wrinkles and sun damage.


Most people with acne have problematic skin. It may be either too dry or too oily. LT Organics 100% Pure Argan Oil is perfect for all skin types. Its non-greasy formula will help loosen dead skin cells, blackheads, whiteheads and other imperfections. It contains anti-oxidant properties, to heal the inflamed areas faster. This can help balance combination skin as well.

Skin Healing

If you have skin problems that cause irritated skin, or just the occasional scratch or inflamed area, argan oil will help decrease the healing time. The anti-oxidant properties of argan oil helps speed up the healing process. So whether you have cracked, sore or dry areas, like those found on the heels, lips, elbows and knees, argan oil will minimize scarring and get your skin back in shape. Please note that it makes a great lip balm as well.

Unsightly Nails

If you have naturally brittle nails, you lack vitamin E in your diet. While it can be hard to find food that has this nutrient, you can help your nails with a bit of argan oil. Just rub a few drops all over your hands and feet twice daily to improve your nails.

Give your skin, hair and nails a refreshing and re-hydrating boost with organic argan oil from argania spinosa contained in high quality products like LT Organics 100% Pure Argan Oil. You can enjoy anti-aging and re-hydrating benefits from the argania spinosa kernel and your body will thank you for it.

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