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What Are The Real Argan Oil Benefits?

If you have an interest in health and beauty you will probably have already heard about Argan Oil. This is a product that has been used for years by women in Morocco and it is praised for its numerous benefits. The oil comes from the kernels of the Argan fruit which have been cold pressed to produce this benefit packed product. Pressing the kernels like this ensures that when you buy a good quality Argan Oil you will be getting pure oil and nothing else. 

So what are the Argan Oil benefits that you can expect from trying this out for yourself?

Argan Oil Benefits

  • As you can see there is an impressive list of Argan Oil benefits that users will experience. These are just the tip of the iceberg and once you start using it you will notice a few of your own.
    •  If you have stretch marks after giving birth it can help to reduce their severity and color.

        •  When you using pure oil you only need to use a few drops on your skin, your hair or your nails. That really is all it takes to get the full benefit from using this on your skin, so one bottle will last for months.

          •  It can actually help to clear up greasy skin and works wonders on breakouts of acne. So if you thought an oil would be bad for greasy skin prepare to have your beliefs challenged.

            •  If you are worried about the signs of aging you can use this to fight back against those tell-tale wrinkles on your face and neck.

              •  You won’t need to use a moisturizer while using this product as it is incredibly nourishing.

                •  Brittle nails that tend to split and crack can be repaired over time with regular use.

                •  Use it as you would a hand cream (only use less) for hands that are super soft, supple and smooth.

                  •  It will protect your skin thanks to its antimicrobial properties.

                  What makes it so special?

                   Apart from all of the benefits that are listed and more besides there is a lot more going on that makes Argan Oil so special. Firstly, if you are buying the pure oil, which you should to get the full benefits, you are getting a totally natural product. Nothing at all have been added to the product, which means no chemicals, no preservatives and nothing else that has not come from the fruit of the Argan tree. But if you buy an oil that is not 100% pure you will find yourself with an inferior product that is a waste of money.

                  How to Use Argan Oil

                  The three main uses of this oil are on the skin, on the nails and on the hair. So here’s a quick look at what Argan Oil is used for:

                  For an Argan Oil treatment for the hair you can simply comb through a few drops after you have washed your hair. Leave it in for a few minutes or a couple of hours if you want a really deep treatment. Wash off the oil and you will be left with soft and shiny hair that in the best condition ever.

                  If you want reduce stretch marks or age spots apply a drop or two of the oil to the affected area and rub it in well. You will see that from the moment it touches the skin it will start it to moisturize it. Over time your stretch marks or age spots will be visibly reduced.

                  To use as a conditioning treatment on the nail just use one drop per hand and rub into the nails and cuticles. The result is stronger nails and youthful looking hands – so two benefits for the price of one!

                  For use on the skin, once again use a couple of drops of oil and smooth over the face and neck area. Make sure that you do this at least once a day in order to keep your skin looking its best at all times.

                  Is cheap oil just as good?

                  Everyone wants to get their hands on a bargain, but the old saying “buy cheap and buy twice” is certainly relevant to this product. If you find a cheap oil it is highly likely not to contain 100% pure oil. It will have other ingredients in there that will weaken the strength of the product and not give you the benefits listed.

                  If you buy cheap oil you might also notice an unpleasant smell. This is caused by the product not being produced in sterile conditions. A good oil will have a slightly nutty smell and not be in any way unpleasant. So if you see cheap oil when you are out and about take a smell and you will notice the difference.

                  How to Buy Pure Argan Oil Online

                  To get the best quality product that is 100% natural and made using the cold pressing method you must shop online. Don’t accept lower quality products that are offered in store as most of them are not the real, pure oil. So treat yourself and your skin to a natural beauty product you can trust.

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                   **These tips are not medical advise.  Please consult a physician prior to using on medical conditions.  If you use argan oil and have a reaction, discontinue use and call a physician.


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