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Argan Oil, Organic and Cold Pressed - Where the Real Benefits Lie

Argan Oil is a product that has numerous benefits for the skin and comes from the fruit kernel of the Argan Tree. This tree is mainly found in Morocco and the oil has been highly prized over the centuries. When you use Argan products, such as the pure oil you will have smoother skin, you can reduce scars, fight acne and even increase cell production. With all of these benefits in one simple oil it’s clear to see why it is flying off the virtual shelves!

Before buying the oil check that the product is Argan Oil organic and cold pressed. If it isn’t you are not buying a high quality product, which means you won’t see the benefits of using it.

What is Cold Pressed Argan Oil?

Cold pressed Argan Oil as mentioned is the oil from the kernels of the Argan Tree. The oil itself has amazing properties, but it is the cold pressing method that keeps all of the nutrients in the oil. So what is cold pressing?

Cold pressing is a method that is used to produce oil which combines a low heat and a grinding motion. The kernels of the Argan Tree are ground together to create a paste that is even and smooth, this is then stirred slowly. This action helps the oil and solid kernel particles to separate and stick together. Once this clumping is the pressure is applied to the surface of the paste, which forces the oil out. This process used to be done by hand and using stones to squeeze the paste between, today this is all done by machine.

At this point you might be wondering where the ‘cold’ aspect of cold pressing comes from. It is actually the temperature of the environment that the oil is pressed in, which can be harder to maintain than you think. As the paste is pressed and ground it creates friction which in turn creates heat. If this goes above between 80° to 120°F (the temperature varies between countries) the oil cannot be sold as cold pressed. So as you can see maintaining the correct temperature during the processing is essential.

Why is cold pressed better than other oils?

As soon as heat is introduced into the processing of an oil it will start to alter the taste of the oil. This is why so many people want to use virgin olive oil in their cooking. In addition to changing taste of an oil, production at a higher heat can change its color, reduce the nutritional value of the product and could expose it to toxins.
So taking all of this into account you can see why a cold pressed Argan Oil is superior to any other type.

Should I be looking for organic products?

 Buying Argan Oil organic products means you are getting the best quality possible. The product will not have been exposed to any farming methods that use pesticides or any other harmful chemicals as it was growing. This prevents anything other than Argan Oil being present in the paste which will be cold pressed.

Most people today recognize the benefits of using organic foods and other products and will actively seek them out. So if you love natural products that are as close to nature intended, this oil is for you.

Many companies label their argan oil as organic.  Make sure they are Certified by Eco-Cert in the US.  This means their argan oil was not shipped in a boat container.  The best practice is to send the argan oil by air.  This ensure that the argan oil is shipped at cool temperatures.  Therefore, the benefits of the oil remain.

How can I use Argan Oil?

The beauty of Argan Oil is that is has so many different uses. Here are a few that you will want to try out:

On the skin – you can use it on the face as a daily moisturizer, to help to stop acne, to reduce redness and even for scarring.

On the nails – there is nothing worse than having brittle nails, they look bad and have a tendency to split. To give your nails the kind of conditioning treatment you would expect in a salon smooth a little over the nails each day.

On the hair – just a couple of drops rubbed over the hair after washing will make it softer than ever. If you want an intensive treatment to really condition the hair deep down you should wrap your hair in a towel after applying the oil and leave it to work in for an hour or so. Once you have rinsed it out you will be left with stunning locks.

 Where can I buy some?

After reading all of this you will want to see the difference this oil can make to your skin, hair and nails. So when it comes to where to buy organic Argan Oil the very best place is online where you can find a brand that meets your needs. You can also read more about this oil and how it can make a real difference to your life.

If you haven’t tried it yet you really are missing out on the properties of this natural oil that is full of goodness. So choose organic and you will soon be an Argan Oil fan like millions of others.

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**These tips are not medical advise.  Please consult a physician prior to using on medical conditions.  If you use argan oil and have a reaction, discontinue use and call a physician.


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