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The Secret Behind The Century Old Argan Oil History

Argan Oil History

Men and women all over the world want to look and feel good and use various products to achieve this. Millions are spent each month on the latest beauty products that will transform how you look and feel. Right now you have the chance to use a product that has been kept secret for thousands of years – Argan Oil.

If you have already heard of this multipurpose oil you will want to know more about Argan Oil history and how it is produced.

Argan Oil History – the Beginnings

To understand the history of this oil you need to understand that it has been around for centuries and it was first used in Morocco by the Berber women. They would take Argan pits that were undigested from the waste of goats – don’t worry, this is not how the oil is made today, and press and grind them. The result was an oil that was nutty which could be used to treat various conditions of the skin or body or used in cooking.  Obviously this oil was much prized and was sold in and around the Mediterranean area from well before 12 BC.

Where is the Argan Tree Grown?

The Argan tree or Argania Spinosa as it is also called, used to be found in many areas over the North African continent where it managed to survive for millennium. In fact some estimate that this tree is one of the oldest surviving specimens that date back to the Tertiary Period. This period spanned from around 65 to 1.8 million years ago so you can see how this tree has withstood the test of time.

However due to deforestation and animals grazing the tree is now only found in a tiny part of Morocco, near the Atlas Mountains and a few other small areas in other countries. It is thought that a single tree will live for around 200 years and it has the ability to cope with droughts and other tough weather conditions.

How is the Oil Made Today?

Today the method that is used to extract the oil is a lot less unpleasant. The nuts are harvested by local women who will crack them to get to the all important pits. The kernels are then taken from the pits and are cold pressed to get the oil from them. This is a process that can take some time and uses around 32kg of fruit to make a single liter of oil. So as you can see, when you buy this product you are getting a quality item that has been created with care and attention.

So what are the benefits of using this oil?

• It can be used to treat many different types of skin conditions including: acne, eczema, psoriasis and even chicken pox.
• Scars and their appearance can be minimized with regular use of the oil. Stretch marks can also be improved with just a few drops of this oil massaged into the skin each day or night.
• You can treat hair that is dry and damaged by using hair products that contain the oil. You can opt for shampoo and / or conditioners that you can use each day and go for a leave in treatment for intense nourishing.
• The oil is antimicrobial which means that if you use it on your skin it will not only moisturize it, it will also help to protect it.
• If you are looking for an excellent anti aging product, this can work wonders on the skin as it will moisturize and plump it out, making your look much younger.
• It is a natural product which will be good news to many people who like to stay away from products filled with chemicals and preservatives.

Where can I find this Oil?

You might have seen this product in the shops and wonder if it will be any help for you. In most cases people who have used it are impressed by the results that they get. The oil acts quickly and can transform skin or hair that is dry or otherwise damaged. So where is the best place for you to find this?

To make sure that you are getting the genuine product you should know where to buy Argan oil online. If you buy online you will be able to check that you are getting the real deal. While it might be tempting to buy from a store you don’t always know that you are not buying a cheap fake version as there are plenty about. Everyone wants to get in on the action with this oil because it is so potent, so make sure you buy with care.

So why not see what all the fuss is about and try out this amazing oil for yourself? With so many products to choose from you can transform the look of your skin, hair and even your nails within days.

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**These tips are not medical advise.  Please consult a physician prior to using on medical conditions.  If you use argan oil and have a reaction, discontinue use and call a physician.



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