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Exotic Moroccan Pure Argan Oil

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    Your Beauty Could Be Saving Lives…

    No Child Should Have to Suffer through the Pain of Cancer

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    Bottled in the USA

    Why Choose LT Organics (4 OZ.) VIRGIN Pure Argan Oil with Perfected Treatment Pump?

    Because when you massage this deliciously natural-scented oil into your face, hair, skin and nails, you’ll experience…

    • Luxuriously silky, touchable hair
    • Glowing, naturally radiant, supple skin across your entire face and body
    • Reinforced, strengthened, long-growing nails
    • Cleanse and rehydrate (with small application after facial cleansing routine)
    • Moisturizes and products against environmental factors
    • Instantly reduces FRIZZY hair, plus ads strength (even prevents it when you apply this miraculous Argania Seed extract 15 minutes before you shampoo!)
    • PLUS! Aids your body’s natural process for slowing aging, preventing acne, preventing stretch marks, healing scars, and even calming psoriasis and eczema
    Without Additives, Fragrances, Dyes, Preservatives or “Thinning” Oils You’ll Get with Other Brands

    What to Expect When You Apply LT Organics Raw Virgin Argan Oil…


    TIME: Safely soaks beneath the skin within minutes leaving only silky softness, without the sticky residue you’ll find with other products.
    PRESERVATION: The Only Way to preserve RAW Virgin Argan Oil is in an Amber Glass Bottle, because light and plastic negatively react with this fragile gift from nature. Use only the Perfected Treatment Pump (included) to dispense the oil, and do not store this oil in a different container. 

    Imported from the Kingdom of Morocco by PLANE Air-Freight (to avoid nutrient depletion, overheating, or rapid cooling that occurs in shipping cargo containers)

    SCENT: Our Argan Oil maintains it’s 100% natural earthy-nutty scent. Most customers rave about this scent (as do their partners), and it is a natural indication of freshness. Not to worry if you don’t—it disappears in a few minutes.

    ENDLESS USES to Restore and Enhance Your Naturally Youthful Glow


    Ingredients: Just 100% Natural, Organic, Pure Virgin Argan Oil (Naturally Cold-Press Extracted from the Raw Argana Spinosa Kernel), which is RICH in Omega-6 and Omega-9. USDA Organic and Eco-Cert Certified Organic




    What to Expect When You Buy from LT Organics…

    • All LT Organics products have USDA and Eco Cert Certified Organic 100% pure virgin argan oil
    • LT Organics has a unique collection of innovative and creative products to fit the needs of every hair type.
    • All LT Organics products use a unique sulfate-free surfactant. They contain no lauryl or laureth sulfates.
    • All LT Organics products are paraben free, including our shampoo and conditioner.
    • Our luxurious hair formulas will not bleach out your hair color or highlights. They are gentle on color treated hair.
    • All LT Organics products are pH balanced, including our hand cream, shampoo and conditioner.
    • LT Organics products are NOT tested on animals.
    • All of our products come with our LT Organics Worry Free 120-Day Money Back Guarantee


    We Want You to Experience the Best Results


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    How to Store for Maximum Effectiveness:

    Keep away from heat. Store away from direct sunlight. Do not store in the bathroom. The humidity damages the oils nutrients.


    As this is 100% RAW, Pure Virgin Argan Oil, which is best maintained in a glass bottle, this bottle will become slippery. It will break if it hits a hard surface. Please, keep a towel or paper towel handy to wipe off excess oil. 

    Please, contact us if you have any questions about our 100% Pure Argan Oil and would like to email us. Or you can call us at (443)871-5607.