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Which Leads Us to the Final Question…

What’s The Best Way to Use 100% Pure, Organic Argan Oil?





Most of us love to use Argan Oil in 2 ways…as part of our morning and evening beauty ritual.
What’s the NEXT Best Time to Infuse a Little Argan Oil into Your Routine…

ANYTIME you feel like you need a little extra pampering, because there’s nothing better than rubbing a warming, softening oil across your skin and feeling the luxurious sensation of it soaking in…
Wouldn’t you agree?


Now You Can Experience the Deep Beautification of Raw Argan Oil
In 4 Easy to Use, Profoundly Perfected Formulations

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Get 1 (four) 4 oz. Bottle of PURE Organic Argan Oil at COST!

  • Experience This 100% Natural Substance that Quickly and Easily Restores Youthful Beauty And More… to my skin…my hair…and even my nails
  • In Fact, People Are Reporting That It Has Protective and Healing Properties Which Help Aid In The Relief Of…
    • Eczema
    • Psoriasis
    • Acne
    • Stretchmarks
    • And More
  • Plus it’s been proven in clinical studies to…
    • Condition and restore life to dull hair
    • Nourish dry, aged skin
    • And even strengthen weak nails.

You've seen the benefits of Argan Oil so it's only fair you get to experience the results!

That's why, for a very Limited Time, I'm offering anyone who cares about their most beautiful, natural glow a very RARE deal on our RAW Argan Oil...

Enjoy Your Luxurious Rejuvenation Now For Just $24.50

NEW!  Experience Supple, Soothed Skin in Just 7 Days with LT Organics 3x Luxury Nourishing Hand Cream

  • Envelop Your Hands in SHEER LUXURY: With the Naturally Sensual Scent of Light Lotus Flower
  • Experience 3X Amazing Benefits: with our SECRET formulation of Shea Butter, Pure Argan Oil and Cocoa Butter, 3 of the most POTENT Clinically Proven Natural Healing Aids Mother Nature can offer
  • Hydrate, Rejuvenate and Stop the Itch with Youth Enhancing Properties: Our Nourishing Hand Cream Soothes, moisturizes and restores balance to dry, damaged, and itchy skin.
  • Secret Rapid Absorption Formula: We Combines Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Pure Argan Oil with Other Anti-oxidants, to create an intense, Specially Designed Formula to Revitalize Your Dry, Damaged Hands...
Get it now for just $19.49


NEW! Luscious Locks Argan Oil Shampoo

("Back in Stock" Sale)

Replenish and restore silky shine as you transform your locks from lackluster to luscious in just 15 uses or less!

  • Great for Locks from All-Walks-of-Life: whether you're set n' forget it straight, hyper curly, or enjoying the waves of life in between.  Our Sulfate Free/ Paraben Free/ Phosphate Free Shampoo guarantees your hair remains silky soft
  • Perfect for Color-Treated or Chemically- Treated Hair: with our naturally deepening, raw argan oil you get shinier, longer lasting color - for far more shampoos!
  • Restores Luminous Shine to Dry, Damaged, Brittle Hair: Revive, nourish, plus enhance health and appearance of your wind and sun damaged, chemically treate, or overheated hair in just days
  • Safe for You and Your Furry Friends:   With our Made-in-the-USA, Cruelty Free, No Animal Testing Guarantee

Unlike most Keratin Infused Argan products, this silky, airy shampoo adds the bouncy body, and shine you desire - without weighing you down, or drowning your hair in chemicals.

Reclaim your naturally luscious locks now for just $24.95


NEW! Lusciously Luxurious Lock Worthy Conditioner Eliminates Frizz for Silk-Smooth Locks in Minutes...

  • Instantly Restores Silky Smoothness, Replenishes Moisture and Reinvigorates Shine: With Unique Shaft-By-Shaft Penetrating, Feather-Light Argan Oil
  • Continued Use of Uniquely Raw Argan Oil Formulation Proven to Restore Soft, Suppleness... even on your most unruly, frizz prone hair days.
  • Detangles to Reduce Chance of Notorious "I brushed my hair" Spring-Back Frizz for Mirrow Smooth, All-Day Shine
  • Prevents Fly-Aways and Adds to Manageability Without Weighing Hair Down
  • SAFE: Paraben, Sulfate, and Chemical Free Formulation Makes This the Go-To Conditioner to Tame Color, Heat and Chemically Treated Locks

Temper Your Tigress Tresses to Restore Luster, Luscious Smoothness, and Mirror Like Shine for Just $24.95

Try it for 120-Days Risk Free

You can even PERSONALLY CALL me for a refund if you'd like at (443)871-5607, because even though I've helped 1000's of people achieve beauty with our line of RAW Organic Argan Oil products, I still love talking to customers!

(You're Also Welcome to Call to Order)

I want to thank you for taking your time to read this letter.  I hope it helps you get to know me.  I want to build a relationship with you.

And remember, I'm not asking you to Say Yes Now!

I'm just asking you to see how much of your youthful glow and beauty LT Organics Pure Argan Oil infusions restore in the next 120 days.

You can even call me now, and make sure I'm a real person!

Just say, "Lizzie I want to order now to start my road to great looking skin and hair."

My number is (443)871-5607.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a wonderful day!

Sincerely, Lizzie Brewis

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If you don’t know Lizzie, she literally is dominating the pure argan oil market. She has helped 1000s. She has given them a product that gives them a natural approach to skin and hair care that works wonders.

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We will Donate $2.00 to Vs. Cancer Foundation for every LT Organics Product sold!!

LT  Organics is for anyone who wants a natural approach to skin and hair care.

We have introduced products that provide luxurious rejuvenation with argan rituals.  Our products enhance your natural beauty at any age.

We have created products just for you!

All of our products start with Eco-certified Organic Pure Argan Oil is. They contain only Argana Spinosa Kernel Oil - Pure Argan Oil.

We want to help you celebrate your life and look great doing it, guaranteed. 

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We want your purchase to be stress free.  We provide a fast, easy, safe, secure check out process.  Your products will be shipped the first available shipping day after your products are ordered.

We are so sure you will love our products, that they are backed by our LT Organics 120-Day Worry Free Guarantee

At LT Organics, we want you to help you regain your natural beauty and maintain it throughout your life. 

Please feel free to contact us anytime.  We love hearing from our customers.   We look forward to building a life long relationship with you!