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Everyone Thinks I am Going to a Plastic Surgeon...


How many products have you tried to get  smooth-moisturized skin, strong-healthy hair that isn't frizzy, and nails that don't break every day?? 

If you are like me, you have tried every product known to man and woman -

expensive and cheap, organic, natural and chemical laden - Nothing worked!

The only thing these products were good at was emptying my wallet. They did nothing to solve my dry skin problem or help repair my damaged hair. If anything they made it worse. And forget about finding a natural product to solve these problems. I couldn’t even pronounce the ingredients.


Time to stop the madness...


Hi, my name is Lizzie Brewis. I founded LT Organics with a vision to stop the madness. Do you know what I am talking about? I will let you in on a little secret - I am in my 40s. I am not trying to hide my age. I want to celebrate it and I encourage you to celebrate it too.

Our years are treasures. They are our life story. But, I still want to look great. I want my skin, hair and nails that look fantastic. I want to be desired as much as the next girl. And I am guessing you do too!

So here I am in my 40s trying to solve an age old problem. How do I fix years of damage to my hair, skin and nails? How do I slow down the aging process so I look young and healthy? How do I do it naturally? Well, I started to research and test every product. I could not believe what I found out.


The Little Things Matter...

 So many little things can cause a product not to work. I never would have thought that storage and shipping methods can ruin effectiveness.  Heat damages the nutrients in the

 When a product is imported in shipping containers, its contents become very hot and damage the product. Did you know that there are different levels of organic certifications, Eco-cert being the hardest to receive, even more difficult than USDA – I had no idea!

 Some brands do not put a list of ingredients on their bottles or websites. Some additives and fragrances stop the product from working. Some products do not have any fragrances added, but they have a distinct natural odor.

The higher the quality of ingredients the better your results – this one I knew.


Who did you say your surgeon is?

I found one solution, pure organic virgin argan oil.  I was having such great results. Everyone was asking me what plastic surgeon I was using. They wanted me to share my secret. Right then and there, LT Organics was born.

LT Organics has allowed me to help thousands of people with quality skin and hair care solutions. Our foundational product, argan oil has been around for centuries. It is a natural product that you can safely use on your entire body, regardless of age.

It has healing properties for every skin condition and restores life to dull hair, nourishes dry, aged skin, and strengthens weak nails. You can have smooth, ageless skin and hair – without plastic surgery. It doesn't get much better than that!





Going the Extra Mile...



We have been able to put systems in place to solve all of the common problems other companies face. We go the extra mile to ensure that the highest quality product is delivered to our customers.

We air mail our argan oil from Morocco so it doesn’t sit in the hot sun on a cargo container for 4 weeks, while the nutrients literally waste away. We store it in a climate controlled warehouse, prior to shipment.

We have achieved Eco-Cert and USDA Organic certification on all of the argan oil we use.

We always use the highest quality ingredients and list every one of them.

Argan oil has a faint earthy, nutty smell. That disappears after a minute.  It has a slight yellow
tint, that indicates it's freshness.

We support cruelty-free, eco-friendly products

Offering Luxurious Rejuvenation with Argan Rituals




LT Organics is fast becoming the world’s premier brand of Pure Argan Oil.

We offer products that provide luxurious rejuvenation with argan rituals.

We have built a reputation with thousands of customers for an incredible product and incredible customer service. .


Incredible Product at a Crazy Price...



I just received a rare deal on our argan oil raw

material. I want to pass this savings on to you, my new customer.

 That is why I am going to give you 30% off our normally low price of $24.40. This savings is only available for 7-days or until they sell out. This is a paragraph.

 You can start your road to beautiful skin and hair, like thousands of others.

Try our Pure Argan Oil with our LT Organics Worry Free Guarantee. If you are not satisfied you have

120 days to get a refund - no questions asked!!

Click the secure check out link to the right or call me at (443)871-5607 to place your order now.

Today, when you redeem this special, limited time offer, you will go to our checkout page enter 
the quantity, click the checkout button, on the next screen enter your personal information, so we can send you your argan oil.

That page also asks for your email. This is not to bombard you with junk mail. We will send you an email telling you your product has been shipped, click  continue to next step.

On this page you will enter the discount code, Enter: LTD73114 choose the shipping method of your choice (standard or expedited,) then enter your credit card information on our secured checkout.

As soon as your order is placed, we will prepare it for shipping on the next business day. And within a week or so you will receive your argan oil.

You will be well on your way to amazing hair and skin.

“Everyone will be asking you who your surgeon is.”

ORDER NOW and I will throw in free standard shipping. That’s over $13.00 savings on one bottle of argan oil!


I want to thank you for taking your time to read this letter. I hope it helps get to know me. I want to build a lasting relationship with you.


Call me now and say, “Lizzie I want to order now and start my road to great looking skin and hair.”

My number is (443)871-5607. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a wonderful day!


Lizzie Brewis

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If you don’t know Lizzie, she literally is dominating the pure argan oil market. She has helped 1000s. She has given them a product that gives them a natural approach to skin and hair care, that works wonders.

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 We will Donate $1.00 to Vs. Cancer Foundation for every bottle sold!!

LT  Organics is for anyone who wants a natural approach to skin and hair care.

We have introduced products that provide luxurious rejuvenation with argan rituals.  Our products enhance your natural beauty at any age.

                   We have created a product just for you!


We want to help you celebrate your life and look great doing it, guaranteed. 





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Our Pure Argan Oil is Eco-certified Organic.  It contains only Argana Spinosa Kernel Oil.  We do not put any fragrances additives.  Your argan oil will have a natural - earthy smell that will absorb into the skin within minutes.  


At LT Organics, we want your purchase to be stress free.  We provide a fast, easy, safe, secure check out process.  Your argan oil will be shipped the first available shipping day after your product is ordered.


We are so sure you will love our products, that they are backed by our LT Organics Worry Free Guarantee


At LT Organics, we want you to help you regain your natural beauty and maintain it throughout your life. 


We enjoy hearing from our customers.  Please feel free to contact us anytime.  We look forward to buildinga life long relationship with you!